Hey, congratulations on being the newest couples in the town. You are now a husband and a wife. A honeymoon is a fuel needed to start your life as a couple and if you are trying to figure out where to take your honeymoon, think of Puerto Viejo. Wedding is a hectic undertaking that piles pressure on you in organizing for its success. There are lots of things to check on ranging from logistics, checking on decor, management of guests, and of course making a decision on where to take rest after the wedding. The honeymoon destination should be memorable throughout your lifetime and therefore, essential to make the best choice.

Having your honeymoon in Puerto Viejo located along the Caribbean coast is impressive and a great decision. It is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations around the world, and despite being a small town, it has lots of things to do and see around it. The destination has a lush rain forest, beautiful beaches and lots of wildlife which makes it an ideal place for relaxation. The wide range of things to do in Puerto Viejo means that you will never get bored, you can do something new every single day.

Enjoying your honeymoon in Puerto Viejo will make you wish to relocate to the sweet place for the rest of your lifetime.