Le Cameleon Hotel Secrets to a stress-free wedding day

Veronika & Brian Wedding

Noa Beach Club at the Cameleon Hotel
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica


Bride's hair: One hour.This gives you enough time to make it right and make any tweaks or changes.

Bride's makeup: 45-60 minutes depending on the makeup style.

Bridesmaids' hair: 30 minutes per person. 

Bridesmaids' makeup: 45 minutes per person

Tip: When your hairstylist arrives, it's time to take care of your bridesmaids first and last. So, when the photographer arrives, they catch those last-minute "getting ready" shots, and the bride looks the freshest.

Photograph's arrival: It's generally best to arrive during the bride's hair and makeup.

wedding ceremony

Put on your veil after the dress.Consider asking your stylist to stick around until then to make sure your veil is secure.

Pre-ceremony photos of the bride with her family and attendants / groom with his family and attendants: Two to three minutes per shot; more if the groups are very large, and if they are very small.

Groom and groomsmen arrive: An hour and a half before the ceremony.

Bride and bridesmaids arrive: We want to make sure you are hidden before your guests arrive, so they do not get an early peek at your gown.She can arrive moments before walking down the aisle.

Ideal ceremony length: 30 minutes. It's enough time to have meaningful readings and music to make your ceremony unique and memorable.

Maximum gap between ceremony and reception: One hour.

memories with family & friends

Ideal length of reception: Six hours. "This will allow for an hour for cocktails, two hours for dinner, and three hours for dancing

First dance: The most common timing is immediately after the bride and groom enter the reception, but you can also dance the first dance.

Father / daughter dance: Immediately following the first dance.

Mother / son dance: Immediately following the father / daughter dance. Or, sometimes, this dance is shared with the father / daughter dance.

Welcome toast: Given by the bride and groom. First course (appetizer) served. Toasts: Ladies first! Start with the maid of honor, followed by the best man. Second course (main course) served. Toasts: The bride and groom can give a toast here, if desired. Guests invited to dance: Open up the dance floor, and get the party started! Cake cutting: Two hours before the reception ends. Bouquet and garter tosses: Right after the cake cutting, or about two hours before the end of the reception. Late-night snacks: A popular trend, many couples start passing bite-size snacks at this point to refuel guests. and Farewell.