Raw food is uncooked, unprocessed, organic food and includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, grains, seaweed, spices, herbs, oils, and sweeteners. We can enjoy the food fresh or dehydrated, fermented, sprouted, and sundried. It is not necessary "uncooked food," we can create pizzas, burgers, crackers, and other gourmet creation cooking no over 118 F or 52 degrees, to keep the enzymes alive.


When we cook the food over 118 F, the heat helps to eliminate the enzymes that are necessary for the help of our body the absorption of nutrients. Dr. Edwards Howell, the first researcher to recognize the importance of the in food to human nutrition, said, "Whenever food is heated, enzymes are lost and denatured. Uncooked plant foods are rich in enzymes, which we need for the digestive system to work properly". Enzymes help break down food particles quickly so that the body can process them. Cooked food, on the other hand, passes through the digestive tract more slowly, allowing for fermentation, and toxins to remain in the body. Toxins in the body can cause numerous issues, including hormonal disturbance, weakness, joint pain, intestinal uneasiness, skin ejections, migraines, and considerably more.


Raw food makes wellbeing enhancements; weight standardizes, skin glows, the vitality go up, and you will feel and look more youthful to be more joyful, happier, healthy, and reliable.

  • stubborn weight is lost and not recovered,
  • Depression vanishes,
  • Soft skins and bright appearance inside weeks,
  • Brings us clarity of mind,
  • Increase our vitality,
  • Improves absorption
  • Clarity of brain
  • Raw nourishment diminishes the danger of infections, including diabetes, coronary illness, joint inflammation, hypertension, and cholesterol.


    REMEMBER to Take Care About Your Body

    Remember, your body is the temple of your soul! The quality of the food that you intake, the breath that you inhale, the water that you drink, and the emotions you process in your daily life rebuild up your "Prana": your vital force, your magnetism. Start loving yourself, nourishing your soul, and you will be able to spread vibrant energy and love to the universe.