Bicycling in Puerto Viejo

A little more than 8 miles separate the coastal town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca from the fishing village of Manzanillo.

Going southeast from the center of Puerto Viejo, you can take Route 256 and skirt the Caribbean Sea coast down to Manzanillo. This road is easy to transit, and the whole journey is very doable by bike.

While journeying through the 256, you will encounter several types of wildlife, such as monkeys, sloths, and (when not) street dogs. You can also take advantage of this tour and stop at many of the beaches located along the way.

If you start in Puerto Viejo, you will first find Playa Cocles. This surfer’s paradise hosts our Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel and the NOA Restaurant & Bar, the best beach club in all Puerto Viejo.

A little further, you will find the beautiful Playa Chiquita, which is difficult to access by car, but perfect for bikers. Going a bit more south, you will reach the Punta Uva area, with several beaches, spots to take photographs, shops, and gastronomic places.

Before reaching Manzanillo, the last detail of the circuit is Playa Grande, one of the broadest beaches of this zone.

If you like to cycle, this can prove to be an exciting day-trip, and you will find many gastronomic spots on the road, both for refreshments or to have breakfast or lunch.

Surf The Jungle - Bike Tour

Our friends from Surf the Jungle offer a guided bike tour for this excursion.

You will start at Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel, and they will lead you down to Manzanillo. On the road, you will learn about the history of the region and the development sustainability of it.

The whole trip takes about 3 hours, starts at 9 AM, and includes bikes, drinking water, fruits, and bilingual guides.

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