Are you dreaming of an extraordinary wedding? Something you and your loved ones will remember forever? Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular- and for a good reason! Of course, we're biased towards our beautiful home country nestled between the Caribbean Seas and the Pacific Ocean. But Costa Rica truly is the ultimate wedding destination for any couple and here’s why.

Where the beach meets the jungle:

Between pristine white sand beaches and lush rainforest waterfalls, Costa Rica has it all. Only a five-hour drive from one coast to another, it’s possible to ride Pacific waves and explore black sand beaches in the morning and then toast to sunset by the calm Caribbean Seas in the evening.

With Costa Rica’s diverse landscapes, the wedding theme possibilities are also vast. Here in Puerto Viejo, we offer elegant, upscale weddings at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Caribbean coast. However just a short drive away, the region offers rustic mountaintop views overlooking dense, green jungle. Even more, Costa Rica has a booming ecotourism trend that could comfortably accommodate a “green” wedding with luxurious, yet rustic bungalows.

The legalities are simple: 

On a practical level, getting married in Costa Rica is relatively simple, which isn’t always the case for destination wedding locations! A civil wedding ceremony in Costa Rica will also be legal in your home country with only a few simple requirements.

Create a uniquely intimate experience:

By the nature of a destination wedding, especially one in an exotic, picturesque place such as Costa Rica, your wedding experience is bound to be more intimate. One of the most common complaints from weddings is that guests don’t have enough time to celebrate with each other and the newlyweds.

Celebrating the magic of your love in a new place will transform your wedding day into a wedding week- and we can all use a good excuse for a vacation! There is plenty to do in the days leading up to the festivities- from horseback riding to zip-lining, snorkeling, hiking, and of course just relaxing on the beach.

Affordable & quality wedding planning services:

Unfortunately, we can not price anything attached to the word "wedding"  outrageously. Costa Rica's growing wedding industry offers plenty of quality services at affordable prices- from planners to photographers, make-up artists, and more.

Easy honeymoon flow:

Flow straight from your wedding day into honeymoon decadence. Enjoy the high-end spas, adventurous activities, and stunning beaches that Costa Rica has to offer, or take a short trip to a nearby country like Nicaragua or Panama.

At its essence, both you and your guests will be blown away by the pure beauty of Costa Rica and the friendly, laid-back energy of the locals. Whether you’re envisioning a simple, intimate wedding or one of luxury and extravagance, Costa Rica is the ultimate wedding destination.