Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Costa Rica

Have you been wondering why Costa Rica is a top tourist destination? The answer is likely to be a yes, but maybe you don’t know why people opt to spend vacations in the country. If you don't know the reasons why this article is for you! It outlines the facts that make the country a popular tourist destination. The list of reasons is not exhaustive but gives a rough idea of why you should plan to visit Costa Rica.

Note that Costa Rica is a country in Central America, with approximately two-thirds of its boarders being coastlines.

Read on to discover the essence of paying Costa Rica anytime you have a chance.

  1. Incredible beaches

It has two extensive coastlines along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. What does the presence of beaches on two broad shores mean? Countless beaches for exploration and is the first reason why Costa Rica is a top tourist destination.

There are lots of pristine beaches along the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea, which allow locals to enjoy. The Coastline covers over 1000 miles where more than 300 different beaches line up. Each of the coasts has lots of deals for you. For instance, the Pacific Ocean Coastline has waters that wash towards the palm-lined sand beach giving and opportunity of soaking your feet. Coastal land in Costa Rica is a maritime zone reserve where visitors can walk and watch wild animals such as sloths, toucans, and monkeys. The coastal borders are quite convenient for swimming, surfing, and snorkeling.

  1. Adventures hub

Costa Rica is the home of adventures and a solution to your craving for adventure. Costa Rica, with countless destinations, offers activities that will thrill and remain memorable throughout your lifetime. You have plenty of options, which include waterfall hiking, kayaking, cliff diving, zip-lining, guided tours, horse riding, scuba, and sky diving, among others. A large number of tourist attraction sites and a high concentration of adventurers make Costa Rica an ideal destination.

  1. Stability, Safety, and People

Costa Rica is a stable and peaceful country in Central America with a history of commitment to human rights. In the 1970s, the country was able to remain relatively calm, unlike its war-torn neighbors, which made its capital, San Jose, chosen as headquarter for some non-governmental organizations. The country has a reputation for being peaceful and with friendly citizens and committed to human rights. Costa Rica is internationally known as a peace-loving nation, and the fantastic thing is that it is army free.  Peace, impartiality, and liberty are the central values governing people in the country to the point of the military being of no use.  You don’t need security officers in Costa Rica! Everywhere you go, you will find people ready to open doors for you with a broad smile on their faces.

  1. Forests and Wildlife

Walking through any of the rainforests in Costa Rica gives an opportunity of seeing amazing animals and birds. The county has several national parks that give you a chance to see all of the animals at a close range. You will be able to catch a good view of sloths, glass frogs, raccoons, lizards, white-faced monkeys, and geckos, among others. Costa Rica is the home to more than 812 species of birds and countless turtles that often come to the land to lay eggs in the sand.

  1. Volcanoes

Costa Rica is known for the Ring of Fire, which is a group of 14 volcanoes and over 200 volcanic formations. The Arenal volcano, which is not very far from San Jose, is the most famous volcano rising to 5,358 feet.  It is not possible to hike the Arenal volcano, but there is a lot to admire at its base. If looking forward to a volcano hike, Turrialba and the Irazu volcano are there for you. Irazu is the active and the highest in the country, rising to an altitude of 11, 259 feet.

Final Wrap Up

Costa Rica is a paradise for adventure seekers. It is not possible to write all the reasons why you should visit Costa Rica, with the few reasons outlined above, the purpose of attending and see everything by yourself!

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