The World Trade Commission is trying to inspire more people to travel to many places in the world, such as the Caribbean. Individually, millennials and Gen X have been working too hard and prioritizing career growth over travel. In this blog, I will talk about Puerto Viejo, a beautiful destination, which I believe many of my readers should visit.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a town in the southeast of Costa Rica, on the Caribbean coast, comes alive with reggae music, funky bamboo bars, and wild nightlife. Surfers crowd the beach, nature-lovers venture inland to explore the forest, and food ventures out to downtown's delectable cuisine. Along the coast, you'll discover many activities along with the NOA beach club. Such as fishing, kayaking, horse riding, and dolphin watching. Some of these activities are great to be spent with a special someone or with a family.

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Some people regard this as a boring or an older man's sport, but it is much more than that. Noa Beach Club allows visitors to experience another level of fishing. Not only is it family-friendly, however, but it also allows many people to enjoy nature, and to become one. Fishing will become one of your most memorable experiences and a romantic one too.


The experience of kayaking is quite thrilling. Given the opportunity to kayak around the beach, it gives a relaxing yet settling moment to gaze around your surroundings. Renting a kayak for two people allows the individuals to spend more quality time together and making it more magical and memorable for the two people. Any time of the day, you can experience the warm weather and bioluminescent sea.

Horse Riding

Have you ever imagined yourself riding a black stallion horse, with your hair blowing through the wind, running on the white sand at the beach, and sunset dawning behind you? Well, dream no further! NOA beach club has allowed many people to live their fantasy. Not only are you riding on a horse at the beach, but you can also gain the experience of riding a horse with a special someone. Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is a beautiful village surrounded by nature and water.

Dolphin watching

Seeing dolphins in the wild is one of the most thrilling sights in nature. These beautiful creatures have inspired many adventurers to seek out nature's amazing animals. NOA beach club offers many tourists the opportunity to watch dolphins from the local dolphin watching company.