Top Wedding

Love is awesome! Did you know that lots of people are looking forward to getting someone they can call "Sweetheart"? How blessed are you that you already have a fantastic partner and now looking forward to the wedding day! As you count your blessings and achievements in life, give it a priority. It tops the list!

Give your wedding ceremony the best by making it memorable and remarkable. It is the happiest day of your lifetime. Choose a destination that has everything needed for the wedding and the honeymoon! Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is one of such destinations that enjoy the popularity of being a preferred wedding destination amongst couples.

It is affordable, offers outstanding services, and enjoys warm tropical temperatures crowned by its natural scenic beauties. It is the answer to anyone looking for unique, authentic life experiences. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica being beach towns with a great selection of outstanding restaurants and delicious meals is a gorgeous location for your wedding.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica is full of incredible wedding destinations, and one of the most ideal is Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel Puerto Viejo. It is a boutique hotel in a unique setting that offers you extreme comfort and pleasure.  The hotel provides top-notch accommodation services in Puerto Viejo tropical gardens and serves universal dishes.

For your honeymoon, you cannot exhaust the things you can do or see in Costa Rica! Two of them are the Costa Rica National Parks such as the Cahuita National Park full of Costa Rica Wildlife and honeymoon romantic beach walk.

Would you like to enjoy your honeymoon watching the Costa Rica Birds with your feet dipped in the warm ocean water? Look no further; Le Cameleon Hotel will make it possible. Everything will be done to make you feel special during this significant event in your life.

Traveling to Puerto Viejo is convenient. You can take a flight to Costa Rica from San Jose using the Puerto Viejo Sansa Air. Alternatively, you can drive from San Jose to Puerto Viejo, which will take you approximately 4 hours.

Costa Rica has proven to be an outstanding destination for love birds looking forward to exchanging their marital vows in an earthly paradise. The Le Cameleon hotel will offer you accommodation, dishes and anything you need for your stay in Puerto Viejo. For a Costa Rican wedding with the Ocean close to witness the ceremony and all the other pleasures, book your stay right away.

Rest assured of a season full of adventures, personalized services, stunning photoshoots, and video sessions. We make your wedding as unique as your relationship in the best style.