Why Puerto Viejo?

Set alongside the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea in the southeastern area of Costa Rica, you will find Puerto Viejo. Anyone who wants to enjoy a laidback Caribbean feel will feel right at home in this beach town. The culture of the domain is unique with residents of both indigenous and Afro-Caribbean descent. Puerto Viejo is a location defined by Reggaeton beats, coconut rice, vibrant homes, and a laidback lifestyle.

With an excellent nightlife, lush jungles, and beautiful beaches, Puerto Viejo is a popular destination, and we want to share a bit more about what you should expect when visiting.

Tons of Attractions You Won't See Elsewhere.

Are you someone who loves to take in wildlife in its natural environment?

Cahuita National Park is a destination that should be your first stop. The area offers fantastic opportunities for snorkeling with a protected reef just off the coastline where marine species and coral make their homes. There is a range of dive sites in the area for those who want to enjoy an adrenaline rush.

Do not miss spending time at the Jaguar Rescue Center. It is a non-profit establishment that focuses on the rehabilitation of injured, mistreated, and confiscated animals. Once the animals are healthy and well, they bring back into protected areas of the natural habitat from which the animals came.

You’ll see tons of mountains near Puerto Viejo where the Bribri native people make their home. You can get a glimpse at their culture and learn more about the significance of cacao trees. You may also check out the spiritual and healing practices of local shamans and even help with the local business initiatives by buying some locally made wares. Click to learn more about Puerto Viejo tours.

Fun Things to Do Right in Puerto Viejo

Those who are feeling adventurous will have no lack of options in the area. You can do canopy zip-lining through the rainforest, take a raft down the Pacuare river, drive ATVs off-road, go horseback riding on the beach, or enjoy standup paddleboarding, fishing, surfing, and boogie boarding. It doesn’t take much effort to find something exciting to do in the area.

Beyond that, there are a massive number of jungle and animal tours in the area. Do you want to enjoy the feeling of being up-close in the jungle at night? A local guide can take you out at sunset so you can see wildlife and hear the noises of nature in the dark. Or you can make a trip to Gandoca National Park where you might see nesting Leatherback turtles.

Wildlife You Can See in the Area

 Both Cahuita National Park and Manzanillo are great spots to enjoy seeing marine life while snorkeling and diving. If you’re driving on the local roads, pay close attention because you never know when you might see a slow-moving sloth trying to cross over. Birds can also be seen all over the place in Costa Rica and some of the most common to see include toucans, herons, parakeets, and kingfishers.

The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

 Something you should know is that the climate of this area can be very unpredictable. However, when the rest of Costa Rica is rainy, the Caribbean is the best place to go to get dried off. However, the consensus is that the best times to visit Puerto Viejo are from August through October and February through April.

 Where to Stay While Visiting

If you’re looking for lodging near everything you want to see in Puerto Viejo, you can’t beat Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel. This hotel includes a tour desk specialist who can help you get out there diving, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, horseback riding, or whatever else appeals to you.

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